What We Do


The majority of our business comes from referrals.

As we are an independent consultancy specialising in human resource and various management disciplines, the services we offer are varied.  Especially in these difficult economic times, our aim is to provide flexible solutions offering both organisations and individuals the opportunity to vary the cost of their investment.

Training the Specialist

Courses are available specialising in human resources with venues located conveniently in the Buckinghamshire area with close proximity of major roads.

Alternatively, an organisation may not wish to invest or lose working hours of key personnel travelling and attending a lengthy course; a company may only require training in a specific area of the function.  For this purpose, on-site training is available offered at a very competitive price.

The training is aimed at preparing a human resource professional who is either relatively new to the human resource function, through promotion or a horizontal move. Or for someone who is experienced in the role but wishes to widen or update their knowledge in a given area of human resource.  Training can be tailored to the needs of the individual/s or the role.


It is highly critical for companies to understand their strategy going forward, having a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve. Where most companies fail is turning this strategy and vision into reality. How do you manage business change, resources, business as usual and still provide the highest standard of Customer Service?

At Reward Evolution we are able to help a company walk through the whole cycle from defining strategies to managing the different stages to realisation.

Support with your Studies

For individuals in the process of studying the CIPD qualification or other HR courses up to QCF Level 7 – assistance is at hand to support you through your studies and through to any examinations if this is relevant.

Papers are always being added to this website to provide support with your studies – latest additions are pointers on writing a management report, preparing for and taking the examination.